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Heritage Classical Academy

To learn more about our distinctly Christian and classical beliefs and practices, click the images below.

Distinctly Christian



Mission Statement

Our mission is to support and enhance the efforts of families by providing Christ-centered and classical teaching emphasizing the methodology of the trivium.


Our goal is to glorify God by equipping students with the tools necessary to live and think within a Christian worldview grounded in the Old and New Testament Scriptures.

Board Members

Heritage is governed by a Board of Directors who affirm the Heritage Classical Academy Statement of Faith and adhere to the Heritage Classical Academy By-Laws. The Board is comprised of both HCA parents and local leaders. The full list of board members is below.

  • Lance Hutt – Chairman of the Board
  • Sam Wilsey – Board Secretary
  • David Cook – Board Member
  • Kevin Folger – Board Member
  • John Harabedian – Board Member
  • Brian Moore – Board Member
  • Pat Presley – Board Member
  • Brett Flenniken – Advisory Member
  • Debbie Flenniken – Advisory Member
  • Eric Wachtel – Advisory Member
  • Jim Parkin – Advisory Member
  • Jason Spodnik – Advisory Member
  • Alistair Begg – Ex Officio Member

Family Handbook