Our academic curriculum is rigorous and taught by teachers who love their subjects and love to help their students succeed. Students study truth, beauty and goodness and develop tools for learning that will serve them for a lifetime. Ultimately, our students study all subjects through the lens of Scripture and our aim is that their studies will point them towards their Creator.

Classes & Curriculum




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Education Options

The need to train young people to think deeply and cultivate a biblical worldview has never been greater.  With a time-tested methodology that draws on the strengths of children as they grow and a curriculum that develops a lifelong love of learning, classical Christian schools provide children with the means to think and live for the glory of Jesus Christ. Students educated in classical Christian schools not only perform at high levels academically, but they are also equipped with a biblical worldview that withstands the challenges of higher education and beyond.

Preschool & Jr. Kindergarten

Our Preschool & Jr. Kindergarten exist to provide a Christ-centered environment that pursues excellence and prepares children for Kindergarten and beyond. Our goal is to assist parents in the nurturing of young lives as we seek to equip students to think and live for Christ.


Many families desire a joy-filled, rigorous, and Christ-honoring classical academy for their children. At the Academy, students attend classes on a traditional five days per week schedule. This traditional five-day program is available to students in Kindergarten through eighth grade and offers a classical, Christian education.

Study Center

At the Study Center, we partner with homeschool families to support their efforts to educate classically by providing a proven curriculum, passionate teachers, and a Christ-centered environment. This part-time program offers a 2-day homeschooling option in which students come to school Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday to receive instruction from their teachers. The teachers then send home a detailed assignment sheet of what the students are to do at home with their parents on the other three days of the week. The Study Center is available to students in Kindergarten through fifth grade and offers a classical, Christian education.

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