A Word from Mr. Nees

Dear Heritage Families:

As Heritage re-opens the Academy, Study Center, and Preschool in the fall, the COVID-19 plans, policies, and procedures were created with input from HCA administrators, board members, teachers, parents, Summit County Health Department, Geauga County Health Department, multiple medical doctors, and guidance from the Governor’s office, CDC, ODH, and ODE.  

We recognize that individuals share vastly different views on how one ought to conduct himself in light of COVID-19. In this, we have been praying for an overwhelming spirit of Christian charity, humility, and grace among our staff and families. This is a difficult situation, and we need the Spirit of the Lord Jesus to reign in us richly as we navigate these waters.

As we’ve made these plans, we’ve been praying for our own hearts– that we would love God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, and that we would love our neighbor as ourselves. – Luke 10:27 

David Nees
Head of School

Our priority is keeping students, families, faculty, and staff safe and healthy and safe during this time. The following practices will be implemented daily:

  • Parent temperature and symptom checks
    Keep children home if their temperature is above 100°

  • Physical distancing

  • 20-second hand washing

  • Limited sharing of supplies

  • Increased cleaning during the day and at night

  • All Family Barbecues- Canceled
  • Preschool and Primary Class Picnic- Canceled
  • Bainbridge Campus Orientation- August 18th (Signups will be available soon)
  • Peninsula Campus Orientation- August 19th and August 20th (Signups will be available soon)

A Look Inside Fall 2020

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Five Day Distance Learning Option

The 5 Day Distance learning option will provide synchronous instruction and will utilize classroom-based cameras and video conferencing technology. Distance learning is different from Heritage at Home in that it is a “live look-in” to the in-person instruction occurring in our classrooms. Students who are at home and able are expected to join their classes during all scheduled class times and participate in all assignments/assessments. In this way, students learning through the distance model will continue to progress through the curriculum. 

This option is available for all Academy students kindergarten to eighth grade.

To sign up for this option, please fill out the Distance Learning Commitment Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, students in the distance learning option will still have the opportunity to participate in in-person after school co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities are only offered in-person on campus.

Heritage is hiring Teacher’s Assistants to provide support to the classroom teachers in the correspondence, technical issues, and academic questions that the students may have.  Distance learning students will have regular zoom check-ins with their assigned teaching assistant. Due to the realities of each teacher being responsible for in-person classroom management, students participating in the distance learning option may not always have the opportunity to ask a question in class.  Also, there may be some situations where distance learning students are not able to observe all components of a particular class (e.g. if a class moves outside beyond the reach of wifi).

Distance Learning students will be watching the classroom teachers live stream.  When the students in the classroom take breaks (bathroom, lunch, recess, snack, etc) or go to specials, the students at home also have a break.

The Teacher’s Assistants will be collecting necessary materials from the classroom teacher and mailing them out to the student during the previous week so that students will be able to do their work with paper and pencil.

This will vary by grade and will be a combination of digital platforms and physical packets.  Some disciplines may require submission only once per week, while others (e.g. Math) may require more frequent digital submission so that the students have more rapid feedback. 

Each grade will have 1 teacher assigned as the Distance Learning teacher.  When students enter back into the classroom, they may not have the same teacher that they had for the distance learning model.

Our desire is to have students in the building as much as possible. Extended distance learning students have the option to return to on-campus classes at the quarter.  Should a Distance Learning student enter into a classroom not taught by the designated Distance Learning teacher, a plan of re-entry will be formatted on a case-by-case basis.

Distance learning students should be online to join us for convocation at the beginning of the school day.  Once convocation is completed, students should transition to remotely join their individual classrooms. 

We are committed to offering distance learning for the duration of the first semester any time we are able to meet in our building. We will re-evaluate the need for this option for the second semester.

Five day Distance Learning students may have different curricular expectations in comparison to face-to-face students in certain classes where participatory activities or communal performance is a significant component of the course.  Specials (Art, Music, PE, Choir) may not be possible for Distance Learning students.

The 5 Day Distance Learning program have the same pricing structure as the in-person Academy.  Heritage will incur more cost in order to offer this program.   

This option is available for all students kindergarten to eighth grade in the Academy.

Have Questions?

No. We will reassess our procedures as more information is made available. It is a plan with the information that we have currently. 

Yes. HCA has every intention of following these requirements. Recommendations by these entities will be seriously considered, but weighed according to our convictions, needs, and context. – 1 Pet. 2:13ff

Love of God and Love of Neighbor – Luke 10:27  

No.  We are seeking to be as wise as serpents, yet as innocent as doves. – Matthew 10:16 

You may return to school either:

1. At least 10 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared,
2. AND all symptoms have improved (for example, cough or shortness of breath have improved),
3. AND you have had no fever for at least 24 hours.

OR: You bring a doctor’s note indicating that the cause of the symptoms is due to issues other than COVID-19 and specifically
indicating that you are safe to be on campus.

You may return to school either:

1. At least 10 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared,
2. AND all symptoms have improved (for example, cough or shortness of breath have improved),
3. AND you have had no fever for at least 24 hours.

OR: You bring a doctor’s note specifically indicating that you are COVID-free and safe to be on campus.

You may return after 14 days

OR: You bring a doctor’s note specifically indicating that you are COVID-free and safe to be on campus.

Heritage asks you to strongly consider a face-covering that easily stays “attached” to the student, whether being worn or not.   Example:  a “gaiter” sits around the neck all day that can simply be pulled up over mouth and nose when exiting the classroom. The benefit of this type of product is that students will not drop or lose their mask throughout the day, or accidentally put another student’s mask on. Additionally, they are made of breathable, lightweight material. 

Visit Amazon, type “gaiter,” and you’ll find many options. 

Heritage requires a solid color or very simple pattern face covering/gaiter. No sparkles, reflective materials, tie-dye, words, or logos (except the HCA logo).

In the event of a total shut down where no students are permitted on campus, like we experienced in Spring 2020, Heritage at Home will go completely live and remote. Although we hope it won’t be needed, a plan is developed for this scenario.

No. At this time, we do not plan to alter the calendar or to shorten the number of days students are in the building.

Cross Country, Running Club, and Tennis Club will be offered this fall. All other clubs, including Lego club and Chess club, are under review and will be determined at a later date. Athletics will follow OHSAA guidelines regarding COVID-19.  

Given the ever changing nature of COVID-19, large group gatherings will be determined at a later date and on a case by case basis. When available, information will be located on this page under “Helpful Resources.”

Yes. Drop off and pick up procedures are adjusted this year. More details will be provided at orientation.

The present unpredictability of the pandemic may create questions for you about cost and value, so we want to remain as transparent as possible in order to move forward with clear expectations. 

HCA has been a fiscally responsible non-profit organization, maximizing funds for programmatic improvements and student opportunities. To continue this trend despite impacts of the pandemic, our financial team is proactively finding solutions to fund these areas:

  • Increased costs for sanitation, supplies, and safely protocols
  • Added staff for nurse’s clinic & custodial services
  • Added staff to provide breaks for teachers as we cohort children
  • Increased budget for classroom-based cameras, microphones, broadband, and distance- learning technology for instructional support 
  • Modifying educational spaces with plexiglass barriers
  • Increased financial aid for impacted families, given employment furloughs

As we have communicated, current events will unfold over the next few weeks & months that do not allow for quick financial adjustments week to week or even month to month. The majority of our costs are budgeted expenses related to supporting the incredible people that deliver on the mission regardless of the venue. At this point, our internal expenses have significantly increased (see list above) to help insure we can deliver our product at the highest level in these times of uncertainty. However, if state officials mandate school closure for a lengthy period of time that results in a significant reduction of expenses of our mission-driven budget, we will pass those expense savings on to our families.

We will implement the cohort model, keeping the same group of students with the same staff members each day to minimize the interaction of large groups. This model promotes a high level of engagement within the classroom, allowing us to uphold the culture of HCA. However, this model still considers and maintains critical hygiene practices. Each classroom will be its own cohort.

Governor Dewine is now asking Ohioans to wear masks at all times (with exceptions) when in public indoor spaces. While children under the age of 10 are exempt, we think that asking them to wear masks at key times, such as in common spaces like halls and restrooms, cares for the student body as a whole AND protects the cohort model.

HCA is creating a plan to offer a 5 day distance learning option for families who prefer not to send their children back to campus this year. This will be a full-time option, utilizing live and/or pre-recorded instruction from HCA classroom teachers. More details will be available in the near future.