Building a Cloud in a Bottle with Dr. Dippucio

March 25, 2016

“The second phase of the classical education, the ‘Logic Stage,’ is a time when the child begins to pay attention to cause and effect, to the relationships between different fields of knowledge relate, to the way facts fit together into a logical framework… the logic of science requires that the child learn the scientific method.” (Susan Wise Bauer, “What is Classical Education?”) 

Students at Heritage Classical Academy explore the ‘Logic Stage’ in Dr. Dipuccio’s science class by learning the scientific method and putting it to work as they engage in hands-on experiments and demonstrations. This past week students were able to do just that in a lab that involved building a cloud in a bottle. Having recently completed a unit on weather essentials, students used simple materials such as smoke, alcohol, and a 2-liter bottle to create just the right conditions to see clouds form.

Make your own cloud in a bottle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wagrbfKV5bE