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Introducing Continuous Enrollment!

We are pleased to introduce a streamlined and effective method of re-enrollment at Heritage Classical Academy: Continuous Enrollment. As a current HCA family, this process will provide an exceptionally simple way to stay enrolled at HCA; your students will seamlessly progress through grade levels without the annual speed bump of re-enrollment. Watch the video to learn more about continuous enrollment at HCA and the benefits of its implementation.

We love our HCA families and are proud to see such strong retention numbers year after year. However, we recognize that the re-enrollment process could be simpler. 

The great news is that re-enrollment will soon become a thing of the past. This enrollment season is the last time you will be required to sign a contract for currently enrolled students. We will be sending out the Continuous Enrollment Contract after the new year. 

What About Enrollment Fees?

The Enrollment Fee (EF) remains the same as last year and assists HCA in effectively planning for staffing and curriculum, along with securing student placement for the upcoming year. The EF will be billed each March via FACTS Incidental Billing.  The annual EF is non-refundable.

Important Enrollment Fee Dates:

Sign the Continuous Enrollment Contract, which will be available after the new year, by January 31st:

  • Enrollment fee of $125/student ($80/student for Preschool-Jr. Kindergarten)
    • Note: cap of $475/family
  • To be billed in March

Sign the Continuous Enrollment Contract between February 1st-March 15th:

  • Enrollment fee of $150/student ($100/student for Preschool-Jr. Kindergarten)
    • Note: cap of $550/family
  • To be billed in March

After March 15th, the enrollment fee is $200/student ($125/student for Preschool-Jr. Kindergarten).

The Benefits

The hassle of the annual re-enrollment process will be eliminated, meaning no more contracts and repetitive paperwork. Your child will be enrolled through graduation or until you choose to withdraw and notify HCA prior to March 15th of any given year.

Continuous Enrollment will save that coveted seat for your child until graduation.

Related Important Dates in 2020:

Please review the months below in order to mark your calendars for important enrollment updates and deadlines.




Current families are invited to apply for Tuition Assistance 





New families/applicants invited to apply for Tuition Assistance



MARCH – Tuition Assistance estimates provided to current families

MARCH 15th – Last day to opt-out for 2020/2021 school year (Don’t worry, we will send reminders prior to this date.)



-MAY 31st

Award letters issued to Tuition Assistance applicants


Frequently Asked Questions

What is re-enrollment?

Re-enrollment is an annual process to update enrollment records of the current student body. This information is used as the school makes plans for the following year. HCA needs to know how many students will be enrolled on the first day of school.

Why does re-enrollment matter? And why do we go through this every year?

At the start of each year, HCA does a great deal of planning to execute our mission. HCA takes seriously the stewardship of financial resources and desires to invest wisely in order to provide the best education possible for HCA students.

After this year, what will “re-enrollment season” look like?

Once Continuous Enrollment is fully implemented, the typical re-enrollment season will simply be a series of reminders from HCA. The reminders notify families that the EF for the upcoming school year will be automatically billed to FACTS Incidental Billing account unless HCA is notified in writing on or before March 15th.  HCA will also remind Preschool-Jr. Kindergarten parents to choose the preferred class for the next school year.

When will families know the new tuition rates?

The HCA Board of Directors approves tuition rates each year.  Tuition rates will be available on or before January 15th of every year. This provides two months notice of the new rates before the final opt-out deadline.  Find preschool and Jr. Kindergarten rates here: https://heritageclassicalacademy.org/preschool/#classtuition.   Find Academy and Study Center rates here:  https://heritageclassicalacademy.org/admissions/#tuition .

What about paying my enrollment fee each year?

The EF will now be charged through FACTS Incidental Billing in March of each year and is due by April 15. Families will not be charged an EF if HCA is notified of the decision to opt out prior to the March 15th deadline.  

What if I am unsure if we are returning?

Families uncertain whether currently enrolled students will be returning to HCA for the following school year should contact the Admissions Office in writing prior to March 15th: admissions@heritageclassicalacademy.orgIf a decision is made after March 15th to return, the family may re-enroll the students at any time as long as there is still space in the class.  Note that the EF increases after March 15th.

What happens if I choose to opt-out after March 15th?

Families that notify HCA of withdraw after the March 15th opt-out deadline are subject to HCA’s withdraw policy.

What about my tuition assistance award?

Tuition Assistance awarded in a prior school year does not guarantee assistance for future school years.  Tuition Assistance must be applied for each year. The process will not change if applying before March 1st.  Families still need to complete the Tuition Assistance Application through FACTS/Parents Web (FACTS fee applies) and submit all supporting documents (click here for application). If a family has applied for tuition assistance prior to March 1st, and the award does not meet their needs, they have the option of canceling enrollment without penalty. 

What about my new HCA student?

Current families introducing a new student to the HCA student body will still go through the New Student Application and admissions process prior to being officially enrolled. All new student enrollment packets will include an informational page/contract regarding our Continuous Enrollment procedures. 

I am a preschool parent, how will this affect me?

Continuous Enrollment will be in effect for all grades, preschool through eighth. When the contract is sent after the new year, preschool families will have the opportunity to choose their class preference.  Families uncertain as to which class/section they desire for their rising Preschool or Jr. Kindergarten student should select the most probable option. HCA does not need the final decision until March 15.

Click here to read the Continuous Enrollment Agreement.