Welcome to the Heritage at Home Community!

As a result of the unprecedented threat of COVID-19, Heritage Classical Academy’s campuses are closed.

The resilient and resourceful teachers at Heritage are working diligently to ensure the coming weeks provide a unique opportunity for the Heritage mission to be fulfilled in new ways.  Although precautionary measures resulting from COVID-19 have closed our doors, the remainder of the school year will still witness students cultivated to think and live for the glory of Christ.  The formation of wisdom and virtue will continue. Wonder for God’s creation will be instilled. Words will be read and pondered; numbers computed and understood.            

Beginning the week of March 30th, teachers will actively use RenWeb’s Learning Management System (LMS) to communicate lessons, lectures, documents, and assignments. Teachers are busy recording lessons, and at grade and age appropriate levels, they will also be providing live classroom instruction via Zoom.   The LMS provides the HCA teachers the capability to bring our families Heritage at Home.

Convocation with Principal Bond

Heritage at Home Expectations and Policies

HCA is traversing the uncharted territory of Distance Learning that is new and unfamiliar for all of us. We should enter with the expectations that things will be different and adjust our expectations accordingly. HCA is committed to classical, Christ-centered education. We strive for excellence and the highest standards.  HCA is committed to our mission statement: Cultivating life-long learners who think and live for Christ! The form is changing, but our values and identity are not. Our partnership with you as the parents is also adjusting, but not diminishing. You will play a significantly increased role, but we are not simply trying to deliver content and leave it up to you. We will maintain a meaningful engagement with students and families for the rest of this year. 

  • All Course information for K-8th grades is located in the RenWeb Learning Management System (LMS)- a platform for students and parents to engage the content of the courses and receive additional instruction.
  • Teachers are adjusting the scope and expectations of each course. We understand that it is not realistic that we could maintain the full scope of the HCA classroom experience in this new setting. Our focus will be on depth and quality of learning as we adjust and lighten the overall scope and breadth of classes.
  • Zoom-used for recorded videos, Live Classroom, and Office Hours
  • Live Zoom Classroom- synchronous sessions will not be required and the student will not be penalized if he/she lacks the ability to join the live session.  
  • Zoom sessions-  All 6th-8th grade Live Classroom sessions are recorded. Participants must have a signed waiver on file to participant on camera.  Recorded Live Classroom sessions are only posted to the corresponding LMS course. Recorded meetings are deleted at the end of the academic year.  Recordings are for educational purposes only. Please do not share recordings to social media or outside the HCA Community. 
  • HCA is not responsible for Zoom accounts owned by Parents/Students.
  • Please be prompt and attentive.
  • All noise in your immediate environment can be heard. Please keep your microphone muted unless instructed by your teacher to use it.
  • Students and the Host must always have video cameras on.
  • Parents are responsible for all behavior happening on the camera.
  • These sessions are optional and will not be recorded.
  • Please dress in accordance with HCA Policy. 
  • Please be prompt and complete all necessary work in preparation for the Live Classroom time. 
  • No phones during class.
  • All noise in your immediate environment can be heard. Please keep your microphone muted unless instructed by your teacher to use it.
  • Students and the Host must always have video cameras on.
  • No adults visible on screen or responding.
  • Parents are responsible for all behavior happening on the camera. (i.e. siblings joining the class, piano playing in the background, etc.)
  • All Live Sessions are recorded. Only students with parental consent may participate.
  • Office Hours are set by each individual teacher.  You will receive further instruction from the teachers with times/days they are available. 
  • In addition to emails, you may also schedule a Zoom or phone discussion with a teacher. We have asked teachers NOT to do one on one Zoom or phone calls with students.  We also ask you to refrain from texting questions to the teacher.

Out of care and concern for our families and staff members, all physical campuses are closed. During this trial and season of change, we are praying for you, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you to cultivate lifelong learners who think and live for Christ! 

How do I login to the LMS?

Go to lms.renweb.com.  Login with the District Code: HCA-OH, students’ username, and password.

How do I use Zoom?

You will receive an email invitation to join a Zoom Live Classroom from your child’s teacher.  Click on the URL and follow the prompts to join the classroom.

Can I use Zoom on my phone?

Yes.  Download the Zoom app. Click on Join a Meeting. Enter the Meeting ID your teacher sent.

Can I meet virtually with my child’s teacher?

Most teachers will be holding live Zoom sessions each week. These will serve as touchpoints for students to interact with the teacher and ask questions. If you, as the parent, need to communicate with your child’s teacher, please check the Office Hours schedule the teacher provided you to schedule a phone call.

Where do I find information for PreK?

PreK teachers are emailing all information and videos to the parents.

Who do I contact if I can’t get into Zoom Live Classroom or log on to the LMS?

Please contact ITsupport@heritageclassicalacademy.org for any assistance.

Can I still access the Parents Portal?

You can still access the Parents Portal using the Parent login.  At this time, all class information will be on the LMS for every grade (except PreK, as noted above).

Don’t see your question? Please contact ITsupport@heritageclassicalacademy.org.

Helpful Links

Zoom Training Video
RenWeb LMS Training Video*

*This video requires the following password: factslms




All on-campus special events, sports, arts, clubs, and meetings are cancelled through the remainder of the school year.

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